Using Immortal Reef to Trade: Adding to cart & initiating a sale or frag-for-frag trade

Hobbyists can add frags for sale or frag-for-frag trade to their cart from collections on the Trade page, and then initiate these trades. No purchases are done on the site.
Frag-for-frag trading is an awesome feature on the site when using the cart. Hobbyists can add frags to their cart and make a frag-for-frag trade if they have frags in their own collection.

> The Importance of Completing the Trade through Immortal Reef Site:

When you have a potential buyer/trader add your coral to their cart and then complete the transaction with them, your coral’s lineage will be updated and they will also be able to have the coral they get from you added to their own online collection.
Making and completing a trade on the site can be done anytime before, during, or after coral pick up, and is confirmed by both parties. However, it is best if done during pick up by both hobbyists, and takes only a few minutes.

> How to Frag-for-frag trade on Immortal Reef:

A hobbyist can add frags to their cart and then initiate a trade (purchase or sale of the frags). They can offer money, and/or add coral to trade from the list of their own frags shown on the bottom of the cart page. If they are new to Immortal Reef and do not have a collection but want to do a frag-for-frag trade, they need to put up a colony with a frag listing that they want to trade.
Hobbyists can add a message to confirm location and pick up time, and then submit the trade.
When coral has been paid for and picked up, the seller and buyer both have to confirm trade completed for collections to be updated.