UPDATE: Frag Rack Page - New Page Just for Your Frags

New Frag Rack Page!

In addition to having a page for your colony collection, you now have a Frag Rack page dedicated just to your frag listings.
Share your Frag Rack with fellow hobbyists by copying your Frag Rack url link and posting it on your social media groups. If you have already made listings, these can now be visible in your new Frag Rack page. Check it out in My Frag Rack in your Avatar dropdown.

Don’t forget: To make a frag listing, select one of your colonies in your online collection and click “Add Frag” under the colony’s picture. Add and Edit info. This frag will now show up in your Frag Rack page. To add a new colony, go to the Coral Database and select + for identical coral to yours.