IR News & Updates: Your Coral Collection's Visibilty

News & Updates

Immortal Reef membership is steadily increasing! Keep an eye out on the Trade page for new coral collections in your area to browse or initiate trades.

Don’t forget to update your address in your account settings so that your collection can be visible to other hobbyists! Your address will not be made public to other members. Your address enables other hobbyists to find members’ collections in their desired area.

Add your address by clicking on Settings in your avatar dropdown.

Don’t wait to have frag listings up in your collection for it to be ready to share with others! Hobbyists will love to see what colonies other members have and to make connections. Keep adding coral to your collection: Purchased a new coral from an LFS store or hobbyist? Find it in the Coral Database and add it to your collection! Add it by color, species, or common name.

Having trouble classifying your coral? See if you can find an identical one by searching its most abundant colors on the Coral Search page.