Benefits of Your Online Coral Collection

The benefits of having an online collection of the colonies you own:

• Allows you to share your collection of coral colonies and frags with other hobbyists on social media
• Make frag listings for sale or trade from those colonies
• Your collection of colonies and any frags you list is a great inventory of your coral and pricing. This makes it easy on you, and your buyers know what to expect. Better organization, which includes a lineage record of the coral purchased or traded through the site.

To add coral to your collection, go to the Coral Database and click on :heavy_plus_sign:on your coral.
To view your collection or wish list, go to your Avatar dropdown.
Here you can add pictures or edit info of your coral, and create frag listings from them.
Every new photo added to a coral will show the date for growth progression.
Hobbyists will not see or find your collection unless you have added your address to your account or shared it on social media. Addresses are not made public.